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Within the Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission, the European Judicial Training Network launched in 2010 a comprehensive, multi-year training programme entitled ‘Language training on the vocabulary of judicial cooperation in criminal matters’.

Seven training seminars were held in total in 2011 and 2012, with each seminar consisting of a five day, face-to-face course. The course combined theoretical and practical sessions of the four basic language skills : reading, writing, speaking, listening, within legal terminology.

343 judges and prosecutors from 14 EU member states were trained during the seminars.

The seminars were held in English and French (only in English in France) in six EU member states: Italy( twice) , France, Slovenia, Poland, Romania and Spain. and were all very successful.

The preparatory meetings of the experts appointed in the project and in charge with the preparation of materials and lectures took place in Brussels in September 2010 , January and December 2011 and in Paris in May 2011.

In order to extend the benefit of this training beyond the initial 343 participants, a training Handbook was produced during the final meeting of experts held in September 2012 in Brussels .

The Handbook includes the English and French course contents along with other related training materials and the electronic format is available here :

EBook Linguistics

Hoping that this will ensure the widest possible diffusion of knowledge and training across European organisations and national training institutions.


The programme of the last linguistic seminar held between 2-6 July 2012 in Barcelona ( separately for English and French groups) and the EJTN linguistics training guidelines are available here:

General preparatory legal documents for seminars:

General preparatory language materials for seminars: