Rule of Law in Europe – Perspectives from Practitioners and Academics

Friday, December 06, 2019

Prestigious rule of law resource publications released

  • Seminal multi-year Rule of Law Project produced invaluable rule of law resources

Rule of Law in Europe – Perspectives from Practitioners and Academics

The newly published comprehensive 100-page Rule of Law in Europe – Perspectives from Practitioners and Academics consists of four articles authored by four prominent academics and practitioners, namely, Professor Paul Craig, Professor and legal secretary at the CJEU in the chambers of President Koen Lenaerts Stanislas Adam, “Abogado del Estado” to the Administrative Court in Madrid (Audiencia Nacional) and member of the Spanish General Council for the Judiciary Nuria Diaz Abad and Deputy Prosecutor General to the Court of Appeal of Naples Lorenzo Salazar.

With this publication, the EJTN aims to increase judges and prosecutors’ knowledge about key elements of the rule of law standards deriving from several sources and its practical implications in their professional and private lives increasing mutual understanding of European colleagues. Additionally, it aims to bolster the values and rules that judges and prosecutors need to adhere to in their work, such as integrity and competence, and EU law requirements and standards concerning independence, media communication strategies and appointment or disciplinary procedures, which are essential to reinforcing the rule of law. Finally, the publication aims to enable practitioners from different countries to respond to the various challenges relating to the rule of law, and to be aware of how to implement mechanisms to prevent, correct and sanction abuse of the rule of law in practitioners’ daily activities.

The annexes of the publication contain the insightful opinions on the subject of CJEU President Koen Lenaerts, ECtHR Vice-President Angelika Nussberger and EC Director Emmanuel Crabit as they were articulated in May 2019 during the Final Conference of the Rule of Law Project held at the premises of the Court of Justice of the EU. It aimed to present and summarise its training activities, the lessons learnt and the future priorities on the rule of law.

In line with EJTN Strategic Plan 2021-2027, the Project, financed by the European Commission, was implemented during the 2018-2019 timeframe following the decision of the Directorate-General Justice and Consumers (DG JUST) as part of European Commission’s strategy for the effective implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. It constituted of 6 seminars, a rule of law webinar and a Training Guide on the Rule of Law - for Judges and Prosecutors.

EJTN remains committed to providing the timely training, resources and knowledge needed by Europe’s judiciary to deal with contemporary and pressing issues.