Training Guide on the Rule of Law - for Judges and Prosecutors

Friday, December 06, 2019

Prestigious rule of law resource publications released

  • Seminal multi-year Rule of Law Project produced invaluable rule of law resources.

Training Guide on the Rule of Law - for Judges and Prosecutors

The newly published Training Guide on the Rule of Law - for Judges and Prosecutors has as an objective to share knowledge of how to design training events in the rule of law field, how to implement such activities and, finally, how to best evaluate the process and the results of such trainings. The 91-page guide is divided into 5 units: needs analysis, forms of training delivery, design of a training component, training material design, and assessment and evaluation.

The training guide builds on the EJTN’s expertise collected over the years and articulated in such celebrated EJTN publications as the Handbook on Judicial Training Methodology in Europe, published in 2016, and the Judicial Training Methods Guidelines for Evaluation of Judicial Training Practices, published in 2017.

The 12 annexes of the publication contain valuable information on crucial aspects of a rule of law training. Among other, they contain advice on how to build an agenda, actual training agendas of activities implemented and definitions of key elements and different forms of trainings such workshops and webinars. In addition, seminars’ evaluation as distributed to participants of EJTN 2018-2019 rule of law seminars. The materials included in the annexes constitute the output of the implementation of the Rule of Law Project. Important in that respect is the list of concrete needs in the field of rule of law as identified during the trainings implemented.

In line with EJTN Strategic Plan 2021-2027, this Training Guide is designed to improve the quality and methodological implementation of modern judicial training on the rule of law which the EJTN believes should be an important part of the formal training programmes of the national judicial training bodies. As it constitutes such an important common value for all EU Member States the EJTN believes that a common approach to rule of law training– to which this Training Guide contributes to - should be adopted.

EJTN is grateful to Judge Horatius Dumbrava, Professor Otilia Pacurari and Professor Rafael Bustos Gisbert, the co-authors of this exceptionally insightful publication. EJTN Rule of Law Experts’ group also contributed with their comments and insights to the publication.

The Rule of Law Project, financed by the European Commission, was implemented during the 2018-2019 timeframe, following the decision of the Directorate-General Justice and Consumers (DG JUST) and constituted of 6 seminars, a rule of law webinar, culminating with the Final Conference on the Rule of Law held at the premises of the Court of Justice of the EU which aimed to present and summarise its training activities, the lessons learnt and the future priorities on the rule of law. A parallel publication under the Project, the Rule of Law in Europe – Perspectives from Practitioners and Academics, raises knowledge about the key elements of the rule of law from both an academic/theoretic and practical perspective. 

EJTN remains committed to providing the timely training, resources and knowledge needed by Europe’s judiciary to deal with contemporary and pressing issues.