EJTN’s 2016 General Assembly to be held June 9-10

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

  • EJTN’s 2016 General Assembly will be held in Amsterdam – attracting the participation of prestigious speakers and guests.
  • Elections, adoption of key initiatives and an assessment of EJTN’s Strategic Plan will all feature on the agenda.

EJTN’s 2016 General Assembly will be held on June 9 and 10, which will attract some 100 delegates to the Amsterdam venue.

This year’s General Assembly will see elections held for the office of EJTN Secretary General as well as for EJTN’s Steering Committee members. Elections for the Conveners of EJTN’s three Working Groups (Programmes, Exchange Programme and Judicial Training Methods) will also be held, and the future compositions of these groups will also be determined.

Core principles of judicial training
On the agenda will also be the adoption of the Judicial Training Principles, an EJTN Steering Committee initiative involving the drafting of a European statement relating to the core principles of judicial training. Importantly, there will also be a mid-term assessment of EJTN’s Strategic Plan 2014-2020.

In keeping with the previous year’s General Assembly, interactive workshops will be held in which delegates will address EJTN’s proposed 2017 activities.

Regarding finances, various reports will be given by EJTN's Accounting Manager and Internal Auditors. The accounts will be opened for inspection, and the 2017 budget will be discussed and put on the table for adoption.

EJTN is proud of its decade-long record of providing top-quality training to Europe’s judiciary and delivering outstanding value for money and operational transparency for its Members and stakeholders.