EJTN disseminates amongst the EU judiciaries the new documentary film Child trafficking

Monday, June 28, 2021

Directed by Olivier Ballande, the film Child trafficking followed for two and a half years the work of judicial cooperation of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) between Romania and France on a case of trafficking in minors. The network, which was successfully dismantled, also operated in Germany, Spain and Italy. Also, for the first time, this JIT decided to focus on victims which gives an image of a judicial Europe which is not only repressive but also protective with their victims.

The film depicts how hundreds of thefts are regularly committed in the Paris metro by Romanian children. After several arrests, the Brigade for the protection of minors took charge of the case.

Pursuing the police and magistrate movements, the film follows the investigation carried out in partnership with the Romanian police. Very quickly the interrogations and the wiretaps reveal that the proceeds of the thefts are almost entirely returned to the parents who live in squats beyond the ring road, and then sent back to Romania. Investigators discover children under control, banned from school, forced to steal by their parents, to repay debts of honor.

Since 2004 Olivier Ballande coordinates a pedagogical triptyque documentary project on the development of a European judicial culture.

EJTN has been involved in two previous projects (Escort girl and Marriages for sales), subtitling and disseminating the films among the judicial training institutions as well as promoting them as a tool in training activities.

EJTN will support the translation into English of the second part of the film which will be released at the end 2021 in order to be subtitled to reach again a very large diffusion.

The film was also released by RTS in Switzerland , RTP3 in Portugal, Arte in France and in Germany by Deutsche Welle in their Mondial network.