Bringing legal practitioners together with law and justice policymakers to find solutions

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

  • EJTN was honoured to address the 2nd Annual Plenary of the European Justice Stakeholders Forum.
  • The forum brings together legal practitioners with European law and justice policymakers to seek solutions to judicial challenges.

EJTN was honoured to attend the 2nd Annual Plenary of the European Justice Stakeholders Forum (EJSF), which was held at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels on April 24th. This year’s forum was held under the theme of Access to Effective Justice for EU Citizens.

The EJSF is a high-level forum bringing together senior European law and justice policymakers and the breadth of legal practitioners to consider and pursue solutions to pressing challenges confronting the justice sector, rule of law, legal profession and citizens.

The event was hosted by Mr Arno Metzler, Vice President Group III, EESC, with the keynote address from Ms Therese Comodini Cachia, Member of the European Parliament. The format of the day was a rich mix of panel discussions, short presentations and moderated open discussions.

The first session of the forum dealt with challenges and opportunities of digitalisation and access to justice. The second session of the day, tackling a timely and complex issue, considered EU citizenship within the frame of Brexit.

EJTN's Secretary General, Judge Wojciech Postulski, addressed the forum with a keynote luncheon presentation examining aspects of EU citizens’ access to effective justice.

The key thrust of his presentation was that judicial training is a key tool of timely and high-quality justice. Training not only improves the skills, professionalism and diligence of the judiciary, but also the very functioning of the justice system. He also stressed another aspect of great importance, that of creating synergies between the judiciary and legal practitioners of all kinds through sharing, exchanging and learning together.  

The forum’s afternoon session looked at the relations and implications of the United Nation’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for EU lawyers, citizens and business. The forum then closed with concluding remarks followed by an interesting speech dealing with the topic of access to justice under EU law.

EJTN is honoured to contribute to vital fora such as EJSF, which brings together legal practitioners with EU law and justice policymakers in order to address legal issues and challenges facing EU citizens.