Exchange Programme 2020 - The call for applications is now open

The call for applications for the Exchange Programme 2020 is now open!

First and foremost, we are proud to present a new application form providing for an easier and more flexible access to the application for the participants as well as a clearer overview of the participants for our NCPs. We warmly invite you to check out the new form that is available here.


The call for applications for the Exchange Programme 2020 covers the following activities:

1. Short-term exchanges in the courts / prosecution offices / training institutions of the EU member states

  • General exchanges for judges and prosecutors
  • Specialised exchanges for judges and prosecutors specialised in a certain field of law
  • Exchanges for Court Presidents and Chief prosecutors
  • Exchanges for judicial trainers

 2. Long-term trainings at the Court of Justice of the EU, Eurojust and the European Court of Human Rights

For both short-term and long-term exchanges, all applications must be submitted through the Exchange Programme online application form by 9 December 2019.

3. Bilateral exchanges between courts / prosecution offices

For bilateral exchanges, interested courts and prosecution offices are invited to submit an exchange project proposal through their national institutions. The application shall comprise a hosting agreement, the data protection disclaimer and the completed application form identifying the following information:

a)       Applying Court / Prosecution office

b)      Hosting Court / Prosecution office

c)       Number of participants foreseen

d)      Number of training days foreseen

e)      (potentially dates)

f)        Working language

g)       Reciprocity yes / no

All applications for bilateral exchanges must be submitted to the national institutions who will send them to the EJTN in a bulk. This ensures the authorisation obtained by the national hierarchy to conduct the exchange.