Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights (HFR/2022/10)

Start Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022
End Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Category: Human Rights
Venue: Online
Language(s): English
Training level: Advanced
Type EJTN-funded activities





The course will first address what is meant by AI. Artificial intelligence has been defined in the EU Commission's 2020 White Paper as a "set of technologies combining data, algorithms and computing power". The explanatory memorandum that opens the April 2021 proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council states that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast evolving family of technologies that can bring a wide array of economic and societal benefits across the entire spectrum of industries and social activities. This foreword emphasises the risk these systems pose to individuals and society and the strong need for a balanced approach between technoclogy and fundamental rights protected by the Union.

Attention will be paid to the specific impact that AI systems have on fundamental rights, with a wide-ranging survey not only devoted to the issue of data protection and non-discrimination. Finally, attention will be dedicated to the use of the AI systems in the field of justice, on the subject of access to justice and of the so-called prediction technology or predictive justice, a way of applying the law exploiting the artificial intelligence, with the purpose of predicting the jurisdictional decisions by means of algorithms "trained" in the analysis of databases containing precedents and other useful information to increase the degree of legal certainty and the quality of the decisions.


Target audience: 

Judges, prosecutors and court staff from all EU Member states



Application Process: 

 All applications must be submitted through the candidates' national EJTN member institution

Number of places:

39 judges

Deadline for application

26 July 2022

Deadline for Registration form




Training Materials and Suggested Readings: 

Council of Europe

1) Towards regulation of AI systems - CAHAI Secretariat, Council of Europe

Council of Europe:

1) Towards regulation of AI systems - CAHAI Secretariat, Council of Europe

2) Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law - Alan Turing  Institute




EJTN Secretariat:

Borja Sáez Martínez