THEMIS 2021 Semi-final A: EU and European Criminal Procedure - TH/2021/01

Start Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2021
End Date: Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Category: EU Criminal Law, Criminal Law Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Venue: Online
Language(s): English
Training level: Introductory
Type EJTN-funded activities






The main aim of the Themis Competition is to bring together future magistrates from different European countries at a time when they are undergoing entry level training to enable them to share common values and to exchange new experiences/discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest.

The Project aims to:

  • Promote a forum of discussion on European and International Law subjects.
  • Promote exchanges of experiences between the participants.
  • Obtain and spread interesting and useful theses on the chosen subjects.
  • Encourage the development of the critical thinking and communication skills. 
  • Promote and foster relationships among participants from across the European judiciaries represented in the competition





 Target Group

The project beneficiaries are trainees from all training institutions and schools who are members of EJTN or observers.



Number of participants:

The maximum number of teams to take part in each semi-final is eleven (11)


A "participant" is defined as a team consisting of three persons. Each participant can be accompanied by one teacher/tutor.

Team members must be judicial trainees.

A person is considered a judicial trainee if he or she is so regarded under the national law and if he/she is not attending initial training activities for more than two years. The training institution to which the trainee belongs shall certify his/her status, according to the above, at the moment of registration.

Any country where such a concept of “trainee” does not exist may participate with a team composed of judges and/or public prosecutors who, at the date of registration, are in their first year of service, such year commencing with the date when they first took up their appointment as a judge or public prosecutor irrespective of whether or not they are in such employment at the date of registration.

It is not allowed to be a member of a team in THEMIS more than once.  


Information regarding the process of registration will be communicated by the EJTN Secretariat. The details for application are available on the THEMIS homepage.

Deadline for application

22 March 2021

Deadline for submitting written papers:

26 April 2021 23:59 Brussels time

Deadline for submitting video links:

26 April 2021 23:59 Brussels time




Written paper

Video presentation

Written paper

Video presentation
TEAM HUNGARY Written paper
  Video presentation


EJTN Secretariat:

Arno Vinkovic