Webinar-The Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU and the EPPO - CR/2020/08

Start Date: Monday, June 15, 2020
End Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Category: EU Criminal Law, Criminal Law Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters, Criminal Law European Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law European Criminal Law
Venue: EJTN-online
Language(s): English
Training level: Introductory
Type EJTN-funded activities



 ONLINE WEBINAR-Part 1-Monday 15 June-10am-12.30pm

ONLINE WEBINAR-Part 2-Tuesday 16 June-10am-12.30pm 





 The protection of EU public money against all forms of criminal conduct, including fraud and the effective and equivalent legal action throughout the Union has to become a priority for the national authorities. To investigate, prosecute and bring to justice those who commit criminal offences affecting the Union's financial interests is a key goal where judicial training has a role to play.

Furthermore, a key content of the seminar will be the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) who will be the first EU body with criminal investigation and prosecution powers into crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union and a completely new actor in the European judicial landscape. The EPPO is expected to lead to a more consistent and effective prosecution policy for crimes affecting the EU budget, resulting in a greater number of prosecutions, convictions and a higher level of recovery of fraudulently lost Union funds


Day-and-a-half training aimed at providing the participants with the information on international legal framework with regard to Protection of EU financial interests and measures taken at EU level to protect the EU’s financial interests. The PIF directive, the role of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and the Regulation setting up a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) will be examined in the seminar. EJTN is organizing a seminar to make judges and prosecutors aware on how to counter all forms of illegal activity affecting the EU financial interests and to detect the misuse of the EU budget

Methodology and format:

The training will combine lectures, presentations and workshops with study cases to enhance practical knowledge of practitioners in order to achieve effective investigations and prosecutions of offences affecting the Union’s financial interests.

Group ‘s work and sessions on the EPPO will be at the core of the seminar.

Target audience: 

Judges and Prosecutors from all EU Member States, preferably criminal judges and prosecutors with some knowledge of EU Criminal Law and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.



Application Process: 

All applications must be submitted through the candidates' national EJTN member institution


Upon invitation by EJTN, participants register via EJTN online  platform to which they receive access. 
After the event, reimbursement is processed via EJTN online platform.

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Number of participants:

 All Member States. 38  places 

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1 June 2020





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THE EPPO - investigations and prosecutions to fight crimes against the financial interests of the EU

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