Environmental Crimes (Webinar)

Start Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
End Date: Friday, October 29, 2021
Category: Criminal Law European Criminal Law
Venue: Online
Country: Italy
Leading organisation: School for the Judiciary of Italy
Cooperative Partner:
Language(s): Italian
Training level: Introductory
Target audience: Open to judges & prosecutors
Participants(EJTN): 2
Contact: Ms. Antonella ROCCA
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone: +39 (0) 6 85334226

Course Description

Human activities have an impact on the environmental pollution of air, waters and soil and entails not only  huge risks for the common health but also an increase in global warming. Many of the environmental crimes are committed by the organized crime and are transnational because pollution does not respect State borders. It is necessary therefore to setup shared legal rules and implement cooperation in carrying out investigations. The purpose of this seminar is to provide an overview of the laws and the investigation techniques in this matter both in Italy and in the European regulatory framework.


Registration Deadline: 12/10/2021