People with mental illnesses in the daily routine

Start Date: Sunday, March 29, 2020
End Date: Friday, April 03, 2020
Category: European (General) and International Law, Professional Practice
Venue: Trier, Rhineland Palatinate
Country: Germany
Leading organisation: The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (FRA)
Cooperative Partner:
Language(s): German
Training level: Introductory
Target audience: Open to judges & prosecutors
Participants(EJTN): 10
Contact: Heike Sperling
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone: +49 2284106656

Course Description

This conference is intended for judges of all jurisdictions as well as prosecutors who, in a form comprehensible to non-medical professionals, would like to inform themselves about frequently occurring and judicially relevant psychiatric disorders, the course of illnesses, treatment methods and prognoses. To the extent possible connections will be made to the various court jurisdictions, which, given the broadness of the topic, will only be able to provide some orientation.The mentally ill are a part of our society.  We encounter them in routine procedures of our work:  as the harmed party, as victims, as witnesses, as defendants and in many other roles. One aim of the conference is to use the conveyed knowledge to recognise and to counter reservations towards, or even fears of, the mentally ill.


Registration Deadline: 29/01/2020


The participants have to bear the costs for their accommodation and meals. Usually, participants are accommodated in the hotel of the German Judicial Academy (full board).


Meals offered