EJustice and electronic commerce - To the digital present and future of justice

Start Date: Monday, April 27, 2020
End Date: Thursday, April 30, 2020
Category: European (General) and International Law, Professional Practice
Venue: Trier, Rhineland Palatinate
Country: Germany
Leading organisation: The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (FRA)
Cooperative Partner:
Language(s): German
Training level: Introductory
Target audience: Open to judges & prosecutors
Participants(EJTN): 10
Contact: Heike Sperling
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone: +49 2284106656

Course Description

The conference is aimed at executive judicial managers in both courts and public prosecutor's offices, as well as at interested judges in all branches of jurisdictions and public prosecutors. 
The term "eJustice" has been established in both Germany and on a European level as a complimentary concept with regard to "E-Government". The question still is whether the electronic services provided by eJustice are sufficiently known to the members of the judiciary, and also, to whose advantage they may be used. Initial operating experiences with electronic legal relations, the most important part of eJustice, show that there exists a need for information and discussion which is going to be satisfied in the course of the conference. 
Thus the most important elements of eJustice in Germany will be dealt with, especially the "electronic mailbox" for legal briefs and mail addressed to the judicial administration. Specific reference will be made to the content and to the implementation of the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Legal Relations from October 2013. In addition to this, projects on electronic files will be presented.
In the future, electronic communication with the bar will have an important role to play – the idea is to have entirely electronic business flows from the first contact with a client to the court procedures through to execution. Entirely electronic business flows are indeed very topical. First steps towards their implementation will be illustrated in the conference.
The projects addressed and demonstrated will provide enough material for discussions and the exchange of experiences. The conference is also offered within the framework of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN). It is particularly suited to participants from abroad.


Registration Deadline: 27/02/2020


The participants have to bear the costs for their accommodation and meals. Usually, participants are accommodated in the hotel of the German Judicial Academy (full board).


Meals offered