CANCELLED An Historical View on the Judiciary During the Nazi Regime

Start Date: Sunday, August 30, 2020
End Date: Saturday, September 05, 2020
Category: Society Issues
Venue: Wustrau, Brandenburg
Country: Germany
Leading organisation: The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (FRA)
Cooperative Partner:
Language(s): German
Training level: Introductory
Target audience: Open to judges & prosecutors
Participants(EJTN): 5
Contact: Heike Sperling
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone: +49 2284106656

Course Description

This Conference is aimed at judges of all jurisdictions and at public prosecutors. It will focus on the roles of law, of the judiciary and of the jurisprudence during the Nazi regime.The question of how the German post-war judiciary dealt with its past and with the crimes committed by the Nazis will be covered. Lectures, discussions and movie screenings are as well scheduled as a visit to the former concentration camp and memorial Oranienburg / Sachsenhausen.


Registration Deadline: 30/06/2020


The participants have to bear the costs for their accommodation and meals. Usually, participants are accommodated in the hotel of the German Judicial Academy (full board).


Meals offered