Catalogue General - Scholarship Fund

Catalogue General



EJTN offers its Calendar of Members activities of training activities. This essential engine promotes various judicial training within the European Union countries, integrating the activities organised by EJTN’s judicial institution members.

There are almost 200 seminars offered by the judicial institutions as well as those co-financed by the European Union, which are all aimed to European Judges and Prosecutors. 

The activities are all EU-Law related and touch upon:

  • Administrative Law
  • EU Civil Law (Judicial Cooperation - National Law - Civil Procedure - Intellectual Property - Labour Law - Commercial Law - Consumer Law)
  • EU Criminal Law (Judicial Cooperation - Criminal Procedure - Police Cooperation - Human Rights - National Law)
  • European (General) and International Law
  • Forensics
  • Human Rights
  • Judicial Skills
  • Linguistics
  • Professional Practice
  • Society Issues
  • Teaching Methods

To see our numerous seminars please visit our Continuous Training page.



EJTN put in place a Scholarship Fund in 2015, allowing individual judges and prosecutors to participate in training abroad, to be able to master the knowledge of EU Law – command of foreign languages – and acquire knowledge of National Law useful to perform professional tasks.

All applications must be submitted through the candidates' national EJTN's member institutions, who run internal national selection.

All sending institutions address the hosts to check availability and acceptance. Based on positive feedback the sending institutions direct the participants to EJTN:

EJTN accept 5 participants per EJTN country and ERA.

EJTN collect registration forms and reimburse people their expenses as per our rules.

If the allocation based on this rule will leave any vacancies the priority will be given to the applicants form the EJTN Members that cover even partially the costs to be covered by the per diem. In this case the amount of per diem will be diminished and the number of scholarships will be increased within the recourse available.

EJTN is financing the round trip travel up to 400 EUR and ensuring a per diem, according of the hosting country's rate.

In the case a Member Institution covers partially the costs to be covered by the per diem, the amount of per diem will be diminished according to EJTN’s Corporate Financial Policy

The hosting institution shall be financing the participation in the event and the training materials.