Protecting taxpayers against fraud and corruption

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

  • Get to know the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), the new EU body in charge of conducting criminal investigations and prosecutions for crimes against the EU budget.
  • Brochures and factsheets available in multiple languages to help raise awareness and knowledge of EPPO.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) is a new European Union body in charge of conducting criminal investigations and prosecutions to protect the financial interests of the EU. Expected to be operational as of the end of 2020, the EPPO will strengthen the European Union’s capacity to protect taxpayers against fraud and corruption.

The creation of EPPO comes about due to two key issues. National authorities can investigate and prosecute fraud against the EU budget, however, their powers stop at national borders. Also, existing EU-bodies such as Eurojust, Europol and the EU's anti-fraud office (OLAF) lack the necessary powers to carry out criminal investigations and prosecutions.

It is estimated that cross-border VAT fraud causes an estimated damage of 50 billion euros to the budgets of the Member States and the European Union. Furthermore, in 2017, Member States reported fraudulent irregularities of approximately 500 million euros. Often these offences remain insufficiently investigated and prosecuted at the national level due to a lack of law enforcement and judicial resources, or due to an under prioritising of the protection of EU finances by the Member States.

Established by EU Regulation 2017/1939 of 12 October 2017, the EPPO will be the first supranational public prosecution office in charge of criminal investigations and prosecutions. Based in Luxembourg, EPPO is expected to start its operations in November 2020.

EPPO brochures and factsheets – helping to raise awareness and knowledge
In order to raise awareness and knowledge of EPPO, the European Commission has made available a set of EPPO brochures and factsheets in multiple languages. EJTN is also pleased to make available these materials available. These materials, which provide a thorough overview and description of EPPO, are all available from EJTN’s online Methodologies & Resources database. Direct links to the documents are provided in the below table:


 The European Public Prosecutor’s Office brochure



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 The European Public Prosecutor’s Office factsheet



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The complete package of EPPO-related information, including video clip, directives, press releases, statements, annexes and communiques, are available from the European Union’s EPPO page at: 

EJTN is very grateful to its Members for furnishing translations of the materials. EJTN’s Members are strongly encouraged to circulate these links to colleagues and contacts in order to raise awareness and knowledge of the EU’s new body.