Planning EJTN’s comprehensive training offering for 2020

Friday, September 27, 2019

  • EJTN is planning for an exciting 2020 judicial training programme
  • EJTN’s rich offering of judicial training and resources can be an integral part of judicial careers!

EJTN continues to be busy this autumn planning for a comprehensive array of judicial training opportunities for 2020 – including several exciting new initiatives.

More than 300 judicial training seminars in 2020
Central to EJTN’s planning efforts is the 2020 Calendar of Training Activities, which represents a collection of the various training options available within EJTN. The annual Calendar of Training Activities lists EJTN’s own training activities according to areas, including the fields of administrative law, criminal law, civil law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, judicial training methods and linguistics. The Calendar also includes EJTN’s THEMIS and summer school activities and also further highlights the training activities of EJTN’s Members as well as those co-financed by the European Union, which are all aimed at European judges and prosecutors.

In total, more than 300 judicial training seminars will be offered in 2020 within the 2020 Calendar of Training Activities.

Enhancing exchanges
EJTN’s Exchange Programme is set to host yet another record number of exchanges and study visits. In 2020, the EJTN Exchange Programme will offer some 3,000 exchange and study visit places to Europe’s judiciary. Noteworthily, new study visit opportunities are currently being planned for. 

Importantly, the online application platform for the Exchange Programme will be enhanced to offer applicants even greater efficiencies in applying. For EJTN staff and EJTN’s Member organisations, managing Exchange Programme applicants and participants will also be easier thanks to the new platform.

Judgecraft, THEMIS, new topics and partnerships
Back in 2014, EJTN successfully launched a plan for judgecraft-related events and tools. Since then, EJTN has been pursuing judgecraft initiatives each year and will continue to do so over 2020. For those not familiar with the term judgecraft, it centres on the art, skill, or craft of being a judge.  

In 2020, EJTN will produce its second edition of the new THEMIS Annual Journal, which will first be published in October 2019. This journal presents the best written papers of each THEMIS competition year and also highlights the teamwork and originality in these judicial works. The THEMIS competition is open to future European countries’ magistrates undergoing entry-level training within the judicial profession. The competition creates a platform for debating legal topics, sharing common values, exchanging new experiences, discussing new perspectives and practicing judicial skills.

In keeping with EJTN’s long legacy of providing timely and topical training, in 2020, EJTN will offer judicial training opportunities in pressing topics such as environmental law and rule of law and, new in 2020, asylum issues, anti-Semitism and hate crimes. New summer schools training sets will also be held.

More judicial training resources are also in the works for 2020. For example, hot on the heels of a new linguistics handbook being produced in late 2019, another such new handbook will be produced in 2020. Additionally, EJTN will enhance its cooperation with its Partners such as The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) and the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO).

Being a part of your judicial journey…
EJTN is honoured to continue its long tradition of providing invaluable, quality judicial training for the upcoming year. In 2020 and the years beyond, let EJTN’s rich offering of judicial training and resources be an integral part of your judicial career!