One-of-a-kind EJTN Handbook on English for human rights in EU law released

Thursday, January 11, 2018

  • EJTN produces a new linguistics Handbook within the sphere of human rights of EU law.
  • The Handbook is a unique resource for any judge, prosecutor or training organiser or manager involved within linguistics endeavours.

An exceptional new resource has been made available for members of Europe’s judiciary! The one-of-a-kind EJTN Handbook on English for Human Rights EU Law, produced under the auspices of foremost law experts, linguists and lecturers, is a comprehensive 103-page resource covering language training on the vocabulary of human rights of EU law.

A comprehensive approach to linguistic skills development
This first edition Handbook is produced from a compilation of the most relevant training materials used in EJTN’s linguistics courses in human rights. The Handbook’s 5 units provide a comprehensive approach to linguistic skills development within human rights:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Legal English and Human Rights English.
  • Unit 2 – Human rights; concepts and definitions, European Union and Council of Europe instruments.
  • Unit 3 – Right to a fair trial in the ECHR and in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Basic concepts.
  • Unit 4 – Conflicting rights: freedom of expression, private life, freedom of religion. Internet. Hate speech.
  • Unit 5 – Current challenges of immigration and asylum. Scope of protection provided by EU law and ECHR.

The Handbook is addressed not only to participants of EJTN’s training activities within the field, but also to all judges and public prosecutors interested in developing their linguistic skills. Definitions, exercises and examinations of real cases make the Handbook an invaluable, hands-on resource for any judge, prosecutor or trainer involved within linguistics endeavours.

Providing needed tools and resources
EJTN is committed to providing the tools and resources needed to help train Europe’s judiciary. A French language version of this Handbook will be produced over 2018, and two more linguistic handbooks, on cybercrime and competition law, will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The EJTN Handbook on English for Human Rights EU Law is available here in pdf format and ePUB format as well as from EJTN’s website, within EJTN's Methodologies & Resources section. Furthermore, printed versions will shortly be sent to each of EJTN’s Members to act as a key reference resource.