EJTN launches its 2017 calendar of activities

Thursday, December 01, 2016

  • EJTN is pleased to launch the EJTN 2017 calendar of activities, which contains 81 training activities.
  • The 2017 training activities are also available in EJTN’s searchable training database, housed on the EJTN website.

EJTN is pleased to launch the EJTN 2017 calendar of activities, which contains the training activities of EJTN over the upcoming year.

The annual calendar of activities was published in order to facilitate planning and communications by providing a convenient and succinct overview of all upcoming training activities available. 

Various fields of training
The 2017 calendar of activities contains 81 training activities to be developed in 2017 across various fields, including Administrative, Civil and Criminal Law, Linguistics, Judicial Training Methods and Human and Fundamental Rights. THEMIS and Catalogue Plus activities are also included.

It also provides a listing of the training activities and events by date, topic and venue, and includes a one-page description of each activity. Annexes referring to the deadlines for applications and allocation of places are also provided.

Searchable database
The EJTN 2017 calendar of activities has been uploaded to EJTN’s searchable training database, which is available on EJTN’s website.

The searchable database, accessible through the Continuous Training link on the website’s front page, offers users the ability to quickly locate desired seminars according to specified parameters.

EJTN’s searchable training database also includes EJTN Catalogue activities, which are EJTN Members’ activities that are open for participation by foreign magistrates.