Helping to establish UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

  • EJTN is proud to have supported the development and launch of a new global network to reinforce the judicial system worldwide.
  • EJTN’s recognised training programme of judicial ethics as well as its broader experience, knowledge and technical expertise were welcome contributions. 

EJTN is proud to have played an integral role in the development and recent launch of a new global network, which will help judges worldwide reinforce the integrity of the judicial system and prevent corruption within it.

Two years in the making
In April 2018, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launched its Global Judicial Integrity Network. The network was the culmination of a truly immense effort taking in two years of planning, 7 regional preparatory meetings and consultations with approximately 4,000 judges around the globe.

Helping with the inception of the new Network, EJTN actively took part in one of the regional preparatory meetings and also hosted a trainer training event of the Network.

With two years of preparation behind it, the Global Judicial Integrity Network was launched at the two-day event in Vienna, Austria, which gathered over 350 participants representing Chief Justices, senior judges and judicial professionals from around the world.   

Judicial ethics
EJTN’s Secretary General Judge Wojciech Postulski moderated one of the panel discussion sessions. The Judicial Ethics Training session, organised by the International Organization for Judicial Training (IOJT), EJTN and UNODC, had as its theme to strengthen judicial integrity and accountability.

The Global Judicial Integrity Network will strengthen judicial integrity globally and help prevent corruption in the justice system by focussing on 4 core objectives:

  • Promoting networking opportunities for judges and other justice sector stakeholders to help continually expand the Network and allow for the exchange of knowledge and mutual support;
  • Facilitating the access of judges and other justice sector stakeholders to guidance materials, tools and resources – though the establishment of a shared resource database;
  • Assisting in the identification of shortcomings in international standards and needed technical resources related to judicial integrity.
  • Facilitating the identification of technical assistance needs and the provision of such.

Ready to share!
EJTN is proud to continue its tradition of engagement with and support of important initiatives and gatherings around the globe that help foster judicial integrity. Within the context of the establishment of the Global Judicial Integrity Network, elements of EJTN’s recognised judicial ethics training programme provided for a particularly valued contribution.

EJTN is always ready to share its considerable experience, knowledge and technical expertise within the judicial training sphere for the benefit of the worldwide judiciary.