Happy 25th to the Academy of European Law (ERA)!

Monday, October 16, 2017

  • EJTN congratulates the Academy of European Law (ERA) on its 25th anniversary!
  • A two-day celebration in Trier will offer training and thought-provoking debate on topical European issues.

The EJTN is honoured to partake of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Academy of European Law (ERA) on October 19th and 20th!

ERA was established in Trier, Germany in 1992 with a mandate to provide training and foster debate within the judicial and legal professions. With a 25-year legacy of success, ERA now marks this momentous occasion with an event promising training in EU law as well as timely debate on the authority of EU law.

The two-day programme will feature a very rich offering of keynote addresses, speeches, lectures, panel discussions and workshops. Thought-provoking and timely topics such as challenges to the authority of EU law, the single market, Brexit and reflections on the future of the European project will be on offer.

The attendees will include vice-presidents and judges of courts, eminent European professors, federal ministers, European Commission officials, members of the European parliament (MEPs), advocates, economists and presidents of corporations. 

Profound significance
EJTN's Secretary General, Judge Wojciech Postulski, as a Member of Board of Trustees of ERA, will represent the EJTN Network at the celebrations. ERA is also one of EJTN's founding Members and has provided support and inspiration to EJTN's projects and programmes over the years.

ERA's 25th anniversary celebration in itself is a momentous occasion, but it is also has a profound significance for all. This achievement not only marks the longevity and success of ERA, but also represents the established and resolute nature of EJTN's Network of also other Members, Observers and Partners to advance the cause of judicial training across Europe.