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European Commission’s 2017 report on training for EU legal practitioners

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

  • The European Commission has published the European judicial training 2017 report, an important progress account of judicial training across the EU.
  • As a mark of excellent progress, the ambitious 2020 training target will already be achieved in 2019.

The European Commission has published the European judicial training 2017 report, an important assessment of the progress made toward reaching the 2020 judicial training targets the European Commission has set in its Building trust in EU-wide justice, a new dimension to European judicial training communication of September 2011.

Training target to be achieved early
The European judicial training 2017 report shows that more than 143,000 legal practitioners took part in training activities in EU law or on the national law of another EU Member State. 

The European Commission’s ambitious target is to enable 700,000 legal practitioners, half of the legal practitioners in the European Union, to participate in European judicial training activities by 2020 by accessing opportunities located at the local, national and European levels. This target will already be achieved by 2019.

Despite the enviable progress, there is always the need for further improvements. There are significant differences within judicial training across the EU Member States and among the legal professions. And, of course, the quality of training must not diminish. 

The comprehensive 20-page report also highlights other key aspects of European judicial training, including training participation by profession, length of training, training topics and quality indicators.

Looking ahead
The European Commission has started to look ahead to prepare the next strategy on judicial training for the 2019-2025 period. To this end, a broad consultation effort has been launched to design a training policy for the future. 

EJTN is honoured to continue working with the European Commission and Europe’s judicial training stakeholders in shaping the future of the European judiciary through training and supporting resources as well as with assisting in compiling vital annual progress statistics and reports.  

  • Learn more about European judicial training policy and consult past years’ reports from the European Union’s e-Justice portal.