EJTN signs a Working Arrangement with CEPOL

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

  • The Working Arrangement formalises a long legacy of invaluable cooperation.
  • The EJTN-CEPOL cooperation includes the organisation of residential and online training activities, e-learning modules, exchange programmes, study visits and other initiatives.

On February 15, 2017, EJTN signed a Working Arrangement (WA) with the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) to formalise a long-lasting, productive cooperation between the two organisations.

The signing ceremony took place in CEPOL’s Headquarters in Budapest in the presence of CEPOL’s Executive Director, Prof.h.c. Dr. Ferenc Bánfi and EJTN’s Secretary General, Judge Wojciech Postulski.

Cooperation since 2010
The longstanding cooperation between EJTN and CEPOL began in 2010, within the framework of EJTN’s Exchange Programme, with study visits focused on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs). An enhancement to this cooperation took place in 2013 when CEPOL organised two JIT seminars entitled Leadership, Planning and Implementation.

Together through the years, EJTN and CEPOL have produced acclaimed training seminars, based on real-life cases, and led by highly qualified international experts. These have brought together CEPOL-funded police forces, EJTN-funded magistrates, Eurojust, Europol and other EU partners.

Future of the cooperation
The penned WA of 2017 formalises cooperation between the two organisations, and covers a wide field of topics from criminal justice to migration and forensics. Various other initiatives such as the joint planning of webinars, access to IT-related tools and platforms and participation in other cooperative networks are also part of the extensive WA.

Concrete undertakings include managing an array of joint courses in such areas as trafficking in human beings, illegal immigration/migration flows, admissibility of digital evidence, financial investigations, asset recovery and confiscation as well as the creation of various online learning modules. Further areas of cooperation and concrete actions are also being examined.

In addition to cooperating with its Members and Observers, EJTN works closely with its nearly 20 European partners across a wide field of initiatives and projects. EJTN is proud to cement its working relationship with CEPOL and strive toward delivering greater synergies within judicial training.