Bolstering national relationships and engagement through EJTN study visits

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

  • EJTN was delighted to host a study visit delegation from the Swedish Prosecution Authority.
  • Such study visits bolster EJTN’s national relationships and allow EJTN Members to fully engage with and participate in training activities.

EJTN had the pleasure to welcome a visiting delegation from the Swedish Prosecution Authority, within the framework of a study visit, to EJTN’s office in Brussels in early autumn 2018. Mr Pär Andersson, Director of Training and Senior Public Prosecutor, Mr Göran Kvists, Senior Public Prosecutor and Ms Lisa Spencers, Training Administrator, took part in a three-day visit programme to EJTN headquarters.

Comprehensive and hands-on
The study visit programme was both comprehensive and hands-on, providing an in-depth presentation of EJTN’s governance and functioning, of its wide variety of activities as well as of its communications activities and IT platforms. The delegation was particularly keen on understanding how EJTN works with a Member organisation and how to maximise collaboration between EJTN and the Swedish Prosecution Authority. The study visit then offered a full presentation of EJTN’s Programmes activities, with a closer look at EJTN’s Criminal Justice Project and efforts in legal language training in criminal matters. EJTN’s Exchange Programme team then met the delegation to provide a full briefing on EJTN’s lauded Exchange Programme as well as its day-to-day practical administration.

Study visits to EJTN have become an established activity over the years, with many Members’ representatives as well as other groups, some from as far afield as Asia, taking part in these invaluable opportunities to share and exchange.

Tailored visits
EJTN encourages such study visits as these provide great opportunities for both sides to learn and to enhance mutual trust and cooperation. All study visits are carefully planned and tailored to meet specific interests or specialties.

Study visit experiences transfer to the national level a deeper understanding of EJTN’s training offer, operating framework and practical implementation of its activities, thus bolstering EJTN’s national relationships and allowing our Members to fully engage and participate in EJTN activities.

At the closing of the study visit, the Swedish delegation expressed its satisfaction with the visit, confirming that the set objectives of the programme had been met. EJTN was delighted to contribute to the successful implementation of this study visit, attesting to the robust relations enjoyed between EJTN and its Members.