2017 THEMIS Competition Semi-Final B results

Monday, May 22, 2017

  • Team Italy wins the first place and Team France holds the second position.
  • EJTN THEMIS Competition continues to help develop the knowledge and skills of Europe’s young magistracy.

The Belgian Judicial Training Institute (JTI) hosted the second semi-final of this year’s THEMIS Competition, which was held 15-18 May, 2017.

8 teams from 7 EU Member States participated in this semi-final. Judicial trainees presented their written papers, debated legal issues with fellow teams’ members and conducted a discussion with the jury about the topics of their presentations.

Wide range of topics
The teams addressed a wide range of topics including parental responsibility, the right of a child to be heard, the protection of adults, parental abduction and surrogacy amongst others.  

EJTN had the honour of having distinguished members of the jury to assess the competing teams: 

Mr Mathew Thorpe, Rt. Hon. Lord Justice, Head of International Family Justice in the UK, Ms Gloria
, Professor of the Private International Law University of Jaén in Spain and Mr Hans Van Bossuyt, Honorable President of the Chamber and former family and juvenile Judge in the Court of
Appeal in Ghent, Belgium.

The jury members assessed not only the overall quality and the originality, the critical thinking and the anticipation of future solutions, the reference to relevant case law, but also the communication skills and the balanced contribution of all the members of the teams. They faced the very difficult task of assessing and ranking the 8 teams in order to decide the winner and the runner-up, with the latter two teams taking part of the THEMIS Grand Final to be held in November in Bucharest, Romania.

Congratulations Team Italy!
First place was awarded to Team Italy (Ms Sara Maffei, Ms Martina Arrivi and Ms Simona Esposito), which made an outstanding presentation entitled ‘’Alerts on children being at a risk of parental abduction’’. Second place was awarded to Team France (Ms Constance Grivelet, Ms Manon Fauvernier and Mr Aurélien Brouillet) whose presentation entitled ‘’Guardianship of Adults’’ was considered as excellent by the jury members.

Team Italy!

Both teams have secured a spot at the Grand Final to be held in Bucharest, Romania, and which will focus on the topic of ‘’Right to a Fair Trial (Art. 47 EU Charter of Fundamental Law and Art. 6 ECHR)’’.

The jurors expressed their sincere thanks to all the participating teams for the very high quality of their written papers and outstanding presentations. All participants received a certificate of participation.

Throughout its long 12-year history, the THEMIS Competition has been helping future European magistrates to exchange views and experiences and improve their presentation and language skills. Most importantly, the Competition offers participants the opportunity enhance personal and career contacts and to familiarise themselves with different approaches to a common legal topic, creating a space for improving mutual trust in other European legal systems.

Emotionally exciting!
“The THEMIS Competition is an opportunity to feel ‘united in diversity’, learning EU law in an original, fruitful way. Being together during these four days of competition has been an emotionally exciting experience,’’ said Giuseppe Buffone, tutor of the first-place team.

EJTN wishes to thank the hosting institution for the assistance and support in organising this semi-final, and especially to Mr Raf Van Ransbeeck, Director of the Judicial Training Institute of Belgium as well as the staff members from its International Affairs Department.

EJTN is the proud organiser of the annual THEMIS Competition, and is grateful for the financial support of the European Commission’s Justice Programme.

Read more about THEMIS on the THEMIS project page

The main aim of the THEMIS project is to bring together future magistrates from different European countries at a time when they are undergoing entry level training to enable them to share common values and to exchange new experiences and discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest.

The project also aims to develop abilities related to the future profession of the participants, such as communication skills, debating abilities, critical and analytical thinking, logical reasoning and proper legal writing. Furthermore, THEMIS is intended to foster the development of professional contacts, experiences and relationships between both the entry-level trainees in magistracy and their teaching staff.