Long-term training periods



Before the activity


  • Makes his/her travel arrangements and logs on the Exchange Programme platform to register online at the latest one month before the starting date of the long term training periods.
  • Checks with his/her employer that he/she will remain covered during the whole training period by the social security scheme applicable to the concerned national administration and that the latter will support the health expenses incurred abroad.
  • Makes sure that he/she is insured against accident, death and invalidity risks.

Important documents:

Financial conditions


Guide registration form



  • Pays the participant his/her 1st instalment normally 2 weeks before the starting date of the long term training periods.
  • Sends to the participant information on the reporting documents need to be sent during and after the training.




During the activity


  • Shall respect the terms and conditions of the host institution.




After the activity


  • Log on the Exchange Programme platform to upload a scanned copy of the report , evaluation form and  a scanned copy of the certificate of attendance.
  • More information on the requested documents for payment can be found in our financial conditions. 
  • We strongly recommend that you  keep the original of the certificate of attendance, send it by post to the following address:    
  • Finances Unit - Jolanta / Long Term- European Judicial Training Network - Rue du Commerce 123 - B-1000 Bruxelles.

Long term training periods:

Template certificate

Evaluation form

Template report

Guidelines report