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The Exchange Programme is destined for, inter alia, legal practitioners, judges and prosecutors at all levels and all courts (civil, criminal, and administrative), future judges and prosecutors as well as judicial trainers. In order to meet the various training needs of the judiciary (according to their seniority, their specialization, etc.) and encourage regular participation in the programme’s activities, several types of activities are offered.

Short-term exchanges in the courts of the EU MS enable participants  to share the work of their counterparts in another EU country and to familiarise themselves with a judicial system other than their own. These are organized either as an individual or as a group exchange.

In individual exchanges, the visiting judge/prosecutor shadows a counterpart in his/her daily practice in a court/prosecutor's office of the host country.

In group exchanges, the visiting judge/prosecutor is received in the host country with a group of judges and prosecutors from other EU/candidate countries.

Specialised exchanges of a duration of one-week are organised in some specific areas of law, such as environmental law, refugee law, labour law and competition law. 

Additionnaly, bilateral exchanges allow groups of judges/prosecutors of the same court/prosecutor's office to spend a week in the court/prosecutor's office of another EU MS and exchange experiences and best practices on a specific topic of common interest.

 "The experience has greatly enriched my professional practice by discovering that the Swedish legal system is not the only legal system there is, and that a plurality of legal systems can coexist and even if they differ from the Swedish system, they fill the function equally well". (Swedish judge on exchange in France)

Duration: Mainly 2 weeks but some exchanges are also organised as 1-week exchanges (specialised exchanges, some individual exchanges)

Target audience: judges and prosecutors of the EU MS

Practicalities and financial conditions







Specific exchanges for court presidents and heads of prosecution offices allow members of the judiciary to shape their leadership and management skills. These exchanges focus on leadership for professionals (management and development aspects), Media and influence of juridisdiction, Change management, Information and Communication technologies.

Duration: between 3 days (minimum) and 5 days (maximum)

Target audience: court presidents and heads of prosecution offices

Practicalities and financial conditions

Judicial Trainers' exchanges in the training institutions of the EU MS aim at allowing participants to become familiar with the training methodologies, pedagogical tools, training programmes and best practices in the training of judges and prosecutors in the EU MS.

Duration: 1 week

Target audience: judicial trainers

Practicalities and financial conditions  

Long-term training periods are offered at Eurojust, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) allowing judges and prosecutors of the EU MS to become acquainted with the work, procedures and decisions of these bodies.

"At the end of the training period I can say that I have lived a truly fundamental experience, both on the professional and on the human and personal level, and which will significantly influence my career as a judge". (Italian judge on training at the Court of Justice of the European Union)

Duration: from 3 to 12 months 

Target audience: judges and prosecutors of the EU MS

Prerequisites, practicalities and financial conditions  

Study visits are also organised for judges and prosecutors of the EU MS in the European courts (CJEU and ECtHR), EU agencies (Eurojust and FRA) and European and international organisations (EU institutions in Brussels and HCCH). Presentation, calendar and requirements for the study visits 2018.

"With this study visit, human rights appeared closer to our professional practice than usual. (...) Moreover, exchanges with colleagues from other countries allow us to look differently at our own system and to bring new ideas." (German judge after a study visit at ECtHR)

Duration: from 2 
to 5 days 

Target audience: judges and prosecutors of the EU MS

Prerequisites, practicalities and financial conditions  

The AIAKOS Programme offers 2-week exchanges (1 week abroad and 1 week at home with foreign trainees) for judicial trainees or newly appointed judges and prosecutors to other European initial training schools and courts with the aim to raise their awareness for the European dimension of their (future) work and to foster mutual understanding of different European judicial cultures and systems.

''This programme made me realise that in spite of our differences, a close contact with foreign counterparts is still possible. A real interface with European collegues was created and it will certainly help simplify dialogue between young European judges''. (French future judge on exchange in Portugal).

Duration: 2 weeks (1 week abroad and 1 week at home with foreign trainees)

Target audience: future or newly appointed judges and prosecutors

Practicalities and financial conditions