Civil Law Seminar

Start Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
End Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Category: EU Civil Law, Civil Law National Law
Venue: England, Warwick
Country: UK - England and Wales
Leading organisation: Judicial Studies Board (JSB)
Cooperative Partner:
Language(s): English
Training level:
Target audience:
Participants(EJTN): 1
Contact: Patience Lusengo
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone: +44 203 334 0676

Course Description

This 2 day seminar is for judges sitting in the civil jurisdiction.

The aim of this seminar is to provide judges who sit in the civil jurisdiction with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in those areas of law, procedure and social context which they consider most important for their personal development.

The seminar consists of a suite of 12 modules to choose from, two of which taking a full day, the remainder taking half a day each. It allows you to create the programme that best meets your needs by choosing any four modules (full-day modules count as two selections).

The modules available are as follows:
• Appeals and civil restraint orders (one full day)
• Capacity Issues for Civil Judges
• Chancery for district judges
• Costs for the civil judge
• Damages
• Equality Act 2010 (one full day)
• Law of contract and tort: an update
• Management of civil costs
• Post termination restraints in contracts
• Property Law

The seminar is delivered using a variety of training methods including lectures, DVDs and skills practice, with a focus on working in small groups to allow you to exchange views and share experiences in an informal setting.