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 In Austria the continuous training of magistrates is based on a balanced system of decentralized and centralized training modules designed by the judiciary.

Various judicial authorities are engaged in training matters: the presidents of the four Courts of Appeal, who contribute the most to the judicial training measures, the Judges' Association with its expert groups in specific law-areas, the Public Prosecutors' Offices and the Ministry of Justice itself annually create and organize training seminars, workshops and conferences for judges and public prosecutors.

The Ministry of Justice, i.e. the Magistrates' Training Unit which is staffed by five people, four of them judges or public prosecutors, holds the role of a coordinator by checking all the training proposals submitted and by laying down the training measures of the following period corresponding to the respective discussions with the Further Training Advisory Body, which assists the Magistrates' Training Unit in all training matters. The annual training programme is published as a booklet and can be found in the homepage of the Austrian Ministry of Justice (

Training costs are paid by the Ministry of Justice. These investments amount to approx. 1.150.000 Euro per year, including accommodation and travel costs for participants and trainers, training fees etc.

The Magistrates' Training Programme offers about 340 seminars, workshops and conferences a year, organized by the judiciary. In Austria there are about 1,600 judges and 350 public prosecutors. They make use of approx. 10.700 training days a year. In average each judge/public prosecutor participates at 5 training days per year.
In addition, judges and public prosecutors participate at trainings staged by other institutions (private or public). They may be sent there by the judiciary as delegates or, in some cases, may attend at their own initiative or expense, depending on the impact of the respective training topic on their duties in the court.


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