2013 past seminars

2013 actions :

Seminar - "Maintenance obligations in Europe"

Sofia (BG), National Institute of Justice, 5-6 December

Seminar - Civil liability arising from motor vehicle accidents” - Ljubljana (SI) Supreme Court, 25-26 September

Reference documents:

a) The Hague Convention - Convention on the law applicable to traffic accidents

b) Directive 2009/103/EC relating to insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicle and the enforcement of the obligation to insure against such liability

c) Regulation N. 864/2007 on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations (Rome II)

 CiLaw Project - Conference on Civil Law

Vienna (AT), 8 to 10 April

Conference Documents:

Seminar - Cross border Insolvency in the EU

Barcelona (ES), Escuela Judicial, 19-20 February

                  a) Rules on jurisdiction jurisdiction on the Council Regulation 1346/2000

                   b) EU IR Rules on jurisdiction

  • Mr. Miodrag Dordevic:

                        a) Applicable Law : working paper

                        b) workshop material