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Project's Aims

Established in 2011, the EJTN Administrative Law Sub-Working Group brings together judicial training institutions from 7 EU Member-States, as well as the Academy of European Law (ERA), to design and implement high-quality trainings in a wealth of Administrative Law areas, ranging from EU Asylum Law to EU Tax Law, Data Protection and Privacy Rights, EU Environmental Law and much more.

Our trainings seek to bring together administrative law judges, prosecutors and trainers and provide participants to our events with a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices with their counterparts across Europe, as well as to discuss the most recent developments in their field of professional interest with leading experts and practitioners. All trainings include a set of framework lectures and multiple workshops where participants discuss practical cases and exchange views on their domestic legislation and the application of the relevan EU legal instruments. 

Description of the Activities

Up to four one-day-and-a-half will be implemented in 2017 on key issues of Administrative Law identified as requiring adequate training at the European level. 

All seminars are held in English and are open to an average of 40 judges, prosecutors and judicial trainers applying through their national EJTN member institutions.

Participants selected to attend Administrative Law SWG seminars are reimbursed for their international travel costs as well as provided with a per diem to cover their accommodation and sundry expenses. Please consult our Terms and Conditions of Participation and Reimbursement for further information on our funding policy.  

2017 Trainings

A total of 4 trainings in the field of EU Administrative Law are scheduled for 2017, each open to judges, prosecutors and judicial trainers from all EU Member States, applying through their national training institutions.

 Ref. Date Place Title
AD/2017/01 23-24 March 2017 Centre for Judicial Studies (CEJ), Lisbon  Data Protection and Privacy Rights
AD/2017/02 12-13 June 2017  Academy of European Law (ERA), Trier EU Environmental Law
AD/2017/03 26-27 October 2017 Königs Wusterhause, Germany
EU Preliminary Ruling Procedure
AD/2017/04 2-3 November 2017 Stcokholm, Sweden EU Asylum Law



The EJTN Administrative Law Training Guidelines (2012)
A Handbook for judicial trainers and practitioners on the most recent developments in key areas of EU Administrative Law (General EU Law, EU Human Rights, EU Asylum Law, EU Tax Law, and EU Institutional Law)

Podcasts of the Administrative Law Project's activities 
Podcast of the EU Institutional Law Seminar
Podcast on the Access to Court in Environmental Law

 Previous Trainings

Follow the links to access all the materials made available by the trainers and speakers to our previous seminars!



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 Any Questions?
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