Sweden: Courts of Sweden Judicial Training Academy

Courts of Sweden Judicial Training Academy

The Courts of Sweden established a training academy for judges in 2009. The Academy is part of the Swedish National Courts Administration and is located in Jönköping.

The Academy has the duty to give judges continuous training in judicial knowledge. Initial training (before appointment) in Sweden is mainly administered by the appeal courts. The theoretical courses within the initial training are however the responsibility of the Academy since July 2011.

The purpose of the academy is to give judges access to legal education specifically produced for them. The overall purpose is to contribute to the general goals of the Swedish courts. Specifically the Academy shall provide education giving judges the best possibilities to ensure that their work can be conducted efficiently and with the requisite level of quality. The Academy also should contribute to a consistent application of law.

The Academy has a director and a deputy director who both are judges. Nine judges are linked to the Academy as subject managers, working part-time for the academy. They are responsible for the curricula within the main subjects such as procedural law, family law, migration law a.s.o.  Within the Academy several associate judges work full time as course managers. The Academy also has administrative staff.  


Ann-Marie Basun 
Judicial Training Academy, Swedish National Court Administration

Torsgatan 11 Box 2113 S-103 13 
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel:+46 739 18 58 48

Email: Domstolsakademin@dom.se
Website: http://www.domstol.se