Ministry of Justice / Oikeusministeriö 

In Finland the judiciary training under the Ministry of Justice is organized by four units: Judicial administration department’s training unit; Enforcement’s training unit; Prosecutor’s training unit; and Criminal Sanctions Agency’s training unit. The three latter ones concentrate mainly to organize trainings for their own area’s personnel while the former, the Training unit of the Judicial administration department, organizes trainings for the personnel of the courts: the general; the administrative; and, the special courts as well as to the personnel of the Legal Aid. Of course, the units co-operate and common trainings to all four areas are organized as well.

The training unit of the Judicial administration department
In the training unit of the Judicial administration department work five persons: two training experts and three training coordinators. Yearly the training unit organizes over 100 training events. This means over 170 training days in a year and about 3,500 participants.

The General advisory boards define yearly the general guidelines and goals for the trainings. They also gather the training needs from the courts, and define the general contents of the trainings. The individual trainings are then planned and designed by different planning groups, which are composed by judges and specialists, for example, from the universities or vocational high-schools, depending on the target group and the content of the training. Planning groups define and decide more precisely the target of the training, topics, methods, and the content. For each training, there will be its own planning group.

The purpose of the trainings is to maintain and develop the professional skills and competences of the personnel of the courts and the judicial administration. The aim is not only on the individual’s development, but also to adopt better working methods and processes, and improve the quality of the work on the courts.

The training unit of the Judicial administration department is a member of EJTN, and works also together with the other international training organizations such as ERA and the Training Network for Judges in Scandinavian countries (SEND). When choosing to which international trainings Finland send participants, we emphasize, for example, the following aspects: does the training complete our national training selection, how would the training improve the skills of our trainers, or is the training something that is not in our selection. In the international trainings we have about 100 participants yearly.


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